About Us


With the blessings of pujya Bhai shri Rameshbhai Oze, shri Haribhai Thanki, our parents, senior citizens of Raval and our well wishers, In December 2018 We got together youth got together in Jam Raval with a thought to serve Raval underprivileged community and Abandoned cattle.


  • Rashmin Mashru.
  • Ravi Lakhani.
  • Dr Mayur Gokani.
  • Rajesh Tulsidas Hathi.
  • Parshotambhai Modha.
  • Karubhai Lakhani.
  • Pravinbhai Mashru.
  • Shikhar Singhvi.

Our Active support coordinators and donors of various social activities in Raval are world wide are:


  • Kanaiyalal Hathi.
  • Jamnadas Hathi.
  • Dr Rajyaguru.


  • Nareshbhai Nagrecha.
  • Dipakbhai Jatania.
  • Nalubhai Hathi.
  • Vinubhai Kotecha


  • ketanbhai Kotecha.
  • Mukeshbhai Thakrar.
  • Kailas Oukabay.
  • Sudhirbhai Ruparelia.


  • Pratapbhai Dattani.
  • Dr Gadhvi.
  • Advocate Hitesh Kotecha.
  • Dr Hitesh Mashru.
  • Advocate sanjay Gokani.
  • Advocate Nitinbhai Kotecha.
  • Pankaj Thadeshwar.
  • Manisha Hathi.
  • Prakash Gokaldas Hathi.
  • Rahul Pasabhai Hathi.
  • Sachin Vithalbhai Dattani.
  • Prafulbhai Joshi.


  • Varun Mehta.
  • Gaurav Kakkad.


  • Kishor khera.
  • Sanjay Khera.

Our objective is to initiate activities in the area of needs of underprivileged people and Abandoned cattle in Raval region. Restart social activities that our forefathers did, but discontinued due to what ever reason.

And eventually add value by trying to raise funds globally to support existing activities that are currently successfully operating. Spread awareness globally of our roots of Raval by informing them on Opportunity to serve. Try to involve youngsters globally to actively participates and Elders to monitor, advise and guide.

This group of youth will serve all background and cast of underprivileged community and Abandoned cattle in Raval region. As and where required we will associate with government and private to perform efficiently.

Any Lohana Mahajan related specific activity may be merged with Raval Lohana Mahajan at appropriate time to avoid any duplication of activities.