Gopal seva Feed for stray Dogs

Shri Ram Krupa feed for Stray dogs started in 2001. The main donor of this activity is shri parshottambhai Jamnadas Kotecha from UK.

Stray Dogs are Feed daily morning 9-11 am

Daily Expenses:

  • 10 KG wheat
  • 1 KG Jaggery
  • 500 gram edible oil

Total expenses:

  • Per Month Rs 10,500
  • Per year Rs 1,26,000

Pravinbhai Mashru of raval has been efficiently managing this activity along with his team at ground level.

Gopal Seva- Raval proposes this opportunity to serve the stray Dogs of raval.

For pledges please contact:

Pravinbhai Mashru +91 90335 55451