We must remember contributions of many hero of Raval. We must express our Gratitude to the visionaries who has made a difference to uplift the Raval community.

To name a few are

Pujya Bhai Shri Rameshbhai Oza

Bhaishri recited Ramayana Anusthan for 10 years and thru his medium performed various Medical camps and various cattle camps at Tulsidas Jethalal Hathi wadi.

Shri Gokaldas Liladhar Hathi

Gokaldas Ada built a High school in Raval in 1965 to inspire girls Education in those days. His vision to provide opportunity to local community to study free of charge was a great thought put into action to serve the underprivileged.

Tulsidas Jethalal Hathi

Tulsi kaka brought Raval on world map by gathering people with roots of Raval who migrated world wide to jointly do various causes of social activities in Raval, especially in the area of Gau Seva, Education and Medical.He was instrumental in Pioneering Medical camps and convincing Pujya Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza to start various Sanskrit Veda and regular schools in the region.

Mansukhbhai Hindocha

He Built a hospital in Raval for which the land was donated by Gulam Husain Kara.

Thru Mansukhbhai’s contribution trust Giriraj Charitable Trust various Medical camps are efficiently performed. He also contributed in installing pipe lines in every house hold to supply drinking water in Raval.

Dayaljibhai Jatania

He contributed endless support in various social activities in Raval.

Ramnikbhai Kotecha

He contributed in various social activities in Raval.

Madhvani Family

The family built Baal Mandir Nursery Education for children in 1971.

Nanji Kalidas Mehta

He built built Taluka Shala and kanyabshala schools in the early 1970s.

Chaganlal Morarji

He built original Raval Lohana Mahajan wadi.

Dwarkadas Jethalal Hathi

He contributed to built crematorium in Raval.

Jamnadas Jethalal Hathi and Kanaiyalal Jethalal Hathi

They contributed in making a Jethalal Govindji public Library.

Vithaldas Jethalal Hathi

He contributed by way of communicating with the British High Commission to guide many youngsters and family who had a right to migrate and settle in UK.

Haridas Kalidas

He contributed in building Prathmik Shala.

Hinaben Mashru

She contributed in building a Baal Vatika.

Dr Rajyaguru

He is founder of shri Yogeshwar Trust. He actively supports Feed for cattle, underprivileged people, widow women, students, and patients.

Haridas Kalyanji Mashru Family

The family donated Agriculture land for Raval Gau Shala.

Finally, we are grateful to Shri Pravinchandra Ranchoddas Mashru for guiding us in providing all the historical facts of Raval.